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Radio Ads Advantage

Radio Advertising Rates

The radio ad rate is quoted in terms of how much it would cost to run a one-time 10-second ad on that particular radio station. The cost of FM advertising ranges from Rs 50 per 10 seconds to Rs 2,500 per 10 seconds. The cost of FM advertising depends on the number of listeners and the time frame the ad runs. FM stations in metro cities like Radio Mirchi Delhi, Red FM Mumbai, Radio Fever Mumbai, Radio Indigo Bangalore, Radio City Hyderabad, Radio One Pune, and Radio Suryan FM Chennai are some of the most popular FM stations in India for listeners. as well as advertisers. Best Media Promotions offers the best FM radio advertising rates on the website. Please select the city and station of your choice to view FM Radio advertising card rates and FM radio advertising best-discounted rates.

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Radio Advertising

Radio Advertising Advantages

1- FM radio advertising has the advantage of local targeting. One can reach only one city by running ads on FM. For example, A brand that wants to target Delhi NCR only through FM radio can choose only Radio Mirchi Delhi or Red FM Delhi.

2- FM radio advertising helps to reach a listener multiple times. As research shows, a consumer needs to hear an ad 4-5 times before taking an action or forming an opinion. FM radio advertising has a huge advantage over high-frequency marketing campaigns.

3- An FM advertiser can use multiple jingles in a single FM radio advertising campaign.

4- FM radio advertising rates provide one of the lowest costs per reach.

Radio Ads
Importance of Radio Advertising Agency

An advertising agency can assist you to advertise in radio stations in Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Mumbai, among other 80 cities where FM radio advertising is possible. With wide tie-ups across all FM stations in India like Radio Mirchi, Red FM, AIR, Radio Fever, Radio Indigo, Suryan FM, and Radio One, you can be assured of the best FM radio ad rates while you work. FM radio stations share a radio ad rate card. The discounted FM radio ad rates are then shared, based on ad campaign volume and preferences. Work with your radio advertising agency to help you get discounted rates for FM radio advertising. A good radio advertising agency suggests a better radio plan for its clients.

Best Media Publicity is a leading radio advertising agency in India.

Radio Ads Proof
Timeline for Radio Ad
Poof of execution of an FM radio advertising campaign

The advertising timetable contains the exact time at which the advertisement will be played on FM, and is made available to the advertiser in advance.

At the end of the campaign, FM stations provide a radio ad broadcast certificate which serves as proof of execution.

For RJ mentions and other FM advertising options, radio stations provide recordings upon request.

One of the biggest disadvantages of radio advertising is the lack of visual stimulation. All that radio advertising is able to offer is audio, like voices and music. Many people listen to the radios in their vehicles during morning commutes to work and afternoon commutes home, for instance. Only a certain amount of time is devoted to advertising, and there are a limited number of these time slots available each day.


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